Our Work

 The Intern team have been really great; their response time and brainstorming based on my requirements were fantastic. Their social media knowledge proved relevant and provided real-time responses. I really hope to work with the team more in the future! - 

Matthew @GetDIBS

It has been pleasure to work with the Intern Creative Agency at UCA. They created some fantastic interior pictures for the gallery’s social media with artworks by both emerging and established artists and makers. This supports our artists and is important as galleries are closed and the lockdown makes it harder to buy new art. The New Ashgate Gallery is delighted to work with UCA and we treasure the Memorandum of Understanding that UCA and NAG has had over many years, creating support and new opportunities for the creative sector.  -

New Ashgate Gallery @newashgate

‘From the first interaction, intern creative agency have been very professional and so prompt and attentive with both their communication and the work produced. The work was exactly as requested but also better than I could have imagined. They made sure I could access it all easily and made sure I was receiving something functional, as requested. Currently, I have used pretty much everything they put together for me and I won’t hesitate in getting back in touch with them in the future. My clients have been raving about it too. Overall, I definitely feel it’s improved my business, particularly during these uncertain times and I can’t thank them enough’ -

Stephen @stephanwilliamhair